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How Does Neurofeedback Work?.

The Mental Orchestra

The brain can be thought of as a symphony orchestra, one with many different instrumental sections such as string, wind, percussion, etc.. If left to play with no conductor, the symphony orchestra would sound dissonant and unpleasant. The conductor keeps the orchestra relaxed, controlled and musically balanced. In the case of many mental health conditions, there is a uncontrolled portion of the symphony which is not following the instructions of the conductor. Neurofeedback attempts to teach out of control portions of the brain to act more in synch with the entire mind. Often the mind is able to make the best decisions ,process sensations quicker, and concentrate better  when all parts are in a balanced rhythm.

Neurofeedback piggy-backs on very old principles of learning, classical conditioning and operant conditioning.

Neurofeedback also has been shown to promote something called “NEUROPLASTICITY”, a term that is becoming synonymous with growth and learning. Neuroplasticity is the process by which existing brain cells called Neurons, exhibit continued growth and development throughout the life of the brain. It has been shown using MRI technology that Neurons do indeed grow and increase development of important pathways, in response to neurofeedback training. Neuroplasticity is a very important principle of neuroscience and is the fundamental mechanism of how brains make and retrieve information. By training the correct neural networks to transfer information more accordingly, then the brain can begin to process more efficiently, resulting in a healthier mental state.

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