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What Will I feel?.

Neurofeedback has a very subjective feeling

This is because it really depends on how well you take to this form of therapy. Not everyone benefits from neurofeedback, although many providers report high levels of success with this treatment, one must understand that everyone is individual with respect to their learning capacities. We train by visual and auditory methods, however perhaps you are not much of a TV person and not much of a Music person, than you may have trouble benefiting from this mechanism. Typically we hear from people that they are just “getting better”. Something that Is troubling at times to interpret. However mental health affects every aspect of our life. If the brain begins to stabilize itself then the foundation in which all of your other tasks and routines in life are built upon will become less effortful, less difficult.

Some descriptors are used such as the “clean windshield” effect.  In which the world around you just seems a little bit brighter, a bit more understandable. We often hear reports of people sleeping better, being able to let go a bit more of their emotional disturbances, having less trouble with control of their mood, improved concentration, better performance in school and at home.  The trick is to stick with it, let go, and let your mind do the work. However, we must also not forget that as part of any proper mental health exercise you must consider your diet and physical exercise routine when attempting to restructure your brain.

Can Neurofeedback have any bad Side Effects?

Neurofeedback is a fairly benign procedure. There are very few reported no side effects directly related to neurofeedback. In many cases, especially early on in traning, trainees can become a bit drowsy. This is exercise after all!!! Their have been reports that neurofeedback can sometimes cause more anxiousness in some people. Aggitation, sleep disturbances, concentration issues, and motor tics have all been reported,  however the incident rates are very low, and many times people are taking medications which can also skew the results. Neurofeedback is considered a very safe treatment with side effects being very individualized but none directly linked to training specifically. Neurofeedback will not cause distorted thinking patterns or change your personality. You do not have to worry about becoming a zombie from neurofeedback either!  Neurofeedback is a method of making you feel alert, relaxed, and aware, all through reinforcments!

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